With DolcevitaFurniture.com, you could request a quote online (in U.S. Dollars), send an e-mail (info@DolcevitaFurniture.com) or by calling our Customer Care Team (+1 781 217 5047).

We will be pleased to assist you in your purchase or project, either you are a residential or a business client (Architects, Designers, Hotels, Colleges, Cruise liners, Serviced Apartments, Corporates, etc.).

All measurements will be in Imperial and metric systems. Whatever the unit system you are using or familiar with, you will be still responsible of taking your own measurements for your purchase or project. DolcevitaFurniture.com provide you online with both unit systems for all its furniture but it might be considered a difference of 1 or 2 % more than announced, but not less.

You should receive your quote with 48 hours by e-mail. In general, your quote will be valid for four (4) weeks. In the case of market condition changes (Material, prices, etc.), you will be informed as soon as possible. Until you confirm your order, we are entitled to make any changes at any time.


At DolcevitaFurniture.com, all our prices are in U.S. Dollars.
Before you place an order, we strongly advise you to read our Cancellation Policy and our refund Policy. Most of our furniture are customized or are from our Manufacturers’ Collections. So, cancelling an order will incur some fees and we invite you to read the Cancellation Policy of DolcevitaFurniture.com.

Order procedure

You can place your order online, you have to check and select the products that you are interested for and you click it to be sent in “Checkout”.
You have to provide accurate information on your personal and/or business details (Names, address, telephone, mobile, delivery address), additional information about the delivery address in case there are some potential issues (narrow streets, parking difficulties, narrow doors/staircases, low ceiling, etc.). Then, you can choose your payment method.

Payment Methods

At the payment stage, you have to make sure that you have a valid method of payment (Valid dates of use, authorisation for any types of payments, etc.), and enter the accurate information.

At DolcevitaFurniture.com, we provide you with various payment solutions:

  • Debit Card

Easy way to purchase your products but please inform your card provider of your purchase.

  • Credit Card

Please inform your card provider of your purchase.

  • Paypal

The Paypal is the leading platform for online payments and allows you to pay with the main credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Usually payments with Paypal are easy but you also can use your debit or credit cards.

  • Wire

This is a very easy and secure way of payment.

Beneficiary: L Collection LLC

Bank: Bank of America – Address: 100 West 33rd Street – New York, NY10001 – USA

International Wire/Swift Code: BOFAU3N

USA Domestic wire/ABA Routing: 26009593

Account Number: 0046 4639 7937

ACH Routing number: 11000138

  • Check (Order processed as soon as the check has been cashed)
  • Cash

We also accept payments by cash but you are aware it is at your own risk. Your cash could be sent to our address but we are not liable to any discrepancies or shortages. Once received, we will confirm your payment via e-mail and we will start the production and delivery process.
You should receive immediately an order confirmation via e-mail. It is an important document that you must keep as a record.

Customer Care follow up

When you placed an order online, our Customer Care Team will contact you within 24 hours in order to reconfirm the order, to make sure that you are pleased with the material, dimensions, delivery and in case you might need more information or fabric samples.

Then, you should receive another order confirmation via e-mail and we will really process the order. This second order confirmation must also be kept in your record: it will be the official order document.

Sales Tax

For our U.S. Clients, DolcevitaFurniture.com collects sales taxes in all locations where we sell or deliver products and services. Items bought for resale or sold to tax-exempt organizations and items immediately exported outside of Massachusetts may qualify for abatement of sales tax. If an exemption from payment of sales taxes is sought, the purchaser must fulfill all statutory requirements and a valid resale or tax exemption certificate must be completed at the point of purchase. In the case of exports, sales tax will be collected at point of purchase and may be subsequently refunded when customer presents a valid bill of lading or customs broker export certificate.
For all orders placed outside of U.S.A., we won’t apply any sales taxes. The clients have to comply independently and directly with their own country sales taxes.

Order Tracking

If you have opened an account online, you could follow the progress of your order with our Operation Management System (OPS). You will be able to follow at what stage your piece of furniture is: Production, Shipped, Delivery forecast.
DolcevitaFurniture.com generates such a tracking system for the benefit of our clients and manufacturers. It is important for all of us to know at what stage your order is!

Order update

In the case there is a change in your order on our side (delay, material supply or delivery, etc.), we will inform you via e-mail as soon as possible.

If you wish to amend your order (Quantity, delivery address, fabric color, feet types), please send us e-mail at info@DolcevitaFurniture.com.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your order placed online, you have to know that most of our furniture are customized or from our Manufacturers’ Collections. In general, all our furniture is not fully refundable and there will be a cancellation fee of minimum 25% of the total value of the order.

Cancellation Fee after 7 days of placing the order: 25% of the total value of the order

Cancellation Fee after 14 days of placing the order: 50% of the total value of the order

Cancellation Fee after 28 days of placing the order: 75% of the total value of the order

An order can not be cancelled after 42 days of placing the order.



DolcevitaFurniture.com usually sea-freights our products from Italy or Europe to North America or anywhere in the World and we have dedicated carriers to delivery your piece of furniture to your doorsteps!

As most of our products are special orders, the delivery time is approximately between 8 to 12 weeks from the day you place the order but exclusive of local delivery. Nevertheless, DolcevitaFurniture.com will try its best to deliver your items in the shortest time possible.

All our products receive a quality control before handling it to our selected local or national carriers.


You will be informed by us or by our dedicated carriers of the delivery date and the window time (*):

  • Morning: 8/11am
  • Lunchtime: 11am/2pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm/5pm
  • Evening: 5pm/8pm

(*) this window time has to be used as an indication. It might vary from a State to another, or from a country to another.

When you place your order, you have to specify what type of delivery you are looking for:


We usually deliver to your doorsteps: this means in the front of your house or at the entrance of your building (for apartments). You must be at the requested delivery place. Our dedicated delivery carriers will wait no longer than 15 minutes. Then you will be charged a second delivery cost to be redelivered again.


This is the best service that we propose: with our White Glove Service, our dedicated carriers will bring your piece of furniture in your house or apartment up to the 2nd floor, remove and dispose all packaging, install your new piece of furniture in the room of your choice.
The cost vary respect to your location and accessibility of your place.
As we already mentioned, you must be at the requested delivery place when our dedicated carriers come to deliver your piece of furniture. It is important because these carriers have to satisfy other clients during that day and do not wish to be late to keep the highest quality service possible.
If you have other delivery information such as narrow or difficult accesses (Street, street parking, staircases, small doors, etc.), delivery to a house of an apartment which has more than 2 floors or any other difficulties you might think, you must let us know in your order. Otherwise, there will be additional charges.
The best we can plan and organize your delivery, the soonest you can enjoy having your piece of furniture at your place!
When the delivery has been processed, please check it carefully before signing the delivery note. To your benefits, the delivery carriers might take photos of the piece of furniture delivered or installed at your place.
Nevertheless, please, inform us via
By phone:   +1 781 217 5047

By E-mail:  info@DolcevitaFurniture.com

By Mail:  L COLLECTION LLC, DBA Dolcevita Furniture, 3 Maplewood Street Watertown, MA 02472 USA

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