L Collection Consultancy

The L Collection team offers our expertise to help turn your vision into reality. You can send your plans, drawings, photos, etc. to achieve exactly the design you want..

  • Space savings furniture consultancy

    L Collection will help you to improve your home space. You will have the opportunity to design the home of your dreams by maximizing your space, improving the atmosphere and style to create your perfectly balanced environment.
    L Collection with Dolcevita will provide you with the latest trends, design, comfort, and savoir-faire to achieve your vision!

  • Sourcing Services

    L Collection has the expertise to source specific furniture which will maximize your space and provide the effortless comfort that you are looking for in your place.
    We also can help you to source other products to complete a project, such as lighting, kitchen utensils, kitchen equipment, arts de la table (crockery, cutlery, glassware), uniforms, etc.
    From the early stages, up until the ultimate decision, L Collection considers clients’ suggestions with as much specific detail as possible.

    To reduce the footprint for the environment, we always prefer to work with our clients’ local manufacturers. Nevertheless, we are also able to source from an enlarged network of the best manufacturers to accommodate our clients’ requirements for specific materials, technology, design, or maintaining their budget without compromising on quality!

    We help our clients to integrate their major components to get the best balance of products which will fit their needs.
    With L Collection you will benefit from our expertise in the hospitality fields, the latest design trends, and time honored tradition: our clients’ specific preferences guide us to fulfill their dreams. With the advantage of long-standing experience in precisely fitting our furniture to exact specifications, you will be assured of the most exacting levels of custom service.

  • Design Services

    L Collection can help you to create and finalize your design, or advise you with top quality service designers and architects. We can support you or act on your behalf to achieve your best design vision: taking into account your budget, the size of your room, the space available, the atmosphere you want to achieve, the level of comfort you would like to give, the ease of maintenance, etc.

  • Hospitality Operations Savings

    L Collection works locally and worldwide with a portfolio of top manufacturers in the hospitality industry. Our full array of knowledge and experience will help you to maximize your investments.

    L Collection will give you all the relevant advice, taking into consideration the specific requirements for installation in hotel, health care, educational campus, cruise line, restaurant, and other hospitality locations.

  • Other Consultancies
    • Architects
    • Designers
    • Web Designers
    • Photographers

Our Vision

When you decide to remodel or redesign your apartment, or to upgrade a piece of furniture, it is important to rely on experienced and dedicated professionals. Your Architect, Designer, Contractors, and other vendors are essential to your project.
Dolcevita works closely with L Collection to source and advise clients on their projects.
You can trust L Collection and their hospitality experience to provide you with the best advice or recommendations to help you accomplish your project with quality furniture or accessories.

Well-designed quality furniture does not have to be expensive!

The L Collection and Dolcevita teams will listen to your ideas, understand your vision, and help you step by step to build the complete “picture” and turn it into reality.
In order to assist you as much as we can, it is important for you to register online at Dolcevitafurniture.com (Link To Open An Account), whether you are an individual or a company: it will allow us to gather the maximum information about your vision.
You will be able to choose any products on www.dolcevitafurniture.com, and benefit from promotions or the use of our services (Check L Collection Services). All registered clients are offered a 5% discount on any of our products and services!
You could manage your account online and retrieve relevant information, such as your wishes, orders/product specifications, deliveries, invoices, and reviews.
Whether you purchase a product from Dolcevita or with L Collection, you will receive a dedicated follow up.

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