I have a problem getting into my account

In case you cannot access your account, please call us at +1 781 217 5047 or send us an e-mail (info@DolcevitaFurniture.com), and we will be pleased to help you solve any outstanding issues.

How long is my quote valid?

In general, your quote is valid for four (4) weeks but you will be informed of any price changes with respect to market conditions. The material costs could fluctuate at any time.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

It is not possible to pay cash on delivery. The majority of our items are customized, we accept only full payment when you place the order. We accept payments by cash but be aware it is at your own risk. Your cash could be sent to our address but we are not liable for any discrepancies or shortages. Once received, we will confirm your payment via e-mail and we will start the production and delivery process.

What kind of invoice do you issue?

If you purchase your items at Dolcevita, we will provide you with an official invoice from DolcevitaFurniture.com. Please save this invoice to maintain the benefits of the 24 months warranty on our furniture/mechanisms and 1 year warranty on our rugs, accessories, and furnishing items.

Can I amend a document (quotes, orders, invoices, account, etc.)?

The day following your online order, you will receive a phone call from our Customer Care Team to reconfirm the order. Our Customer Care Team member will go through the order with you (choice of furniture, fabric, armrests, feet, delivery address, etc.)

This is the opportunity to amend your order.

The other documents (quotes, invoices, account details, etc.) can be amended online.

Do you include sales taxes in your prices?

Online or with our application, all our prices are in US Dollars and do not include any sales taxes, shipping, or delivery costs.

For our U.S. Clients, Dolcevita collects sales taxes in all locations where we sell or deliver products and services. Items bought for resale or sold to tax-exempt organizations and items immediately exported outside of Massachusetts may qualify for abatement of sales tax. If an exemption from payment of sales tax is sought, the purchaser must fulfill all statutory requirements and a valid resale or tax exemption certificate must be completed at the point of purchase. In the case of exports, sales tax will be collected at the point of purchase and may be subsequently refunded when the customer presents a valid bill of lading or customs broker export certificate.

For all orders placed outside of the U.S.A., we won’t apply any sales taxes. The clients have to comply independently and directly with their own countries’ sales tax policies.

What are your payment terms and methods?

Your order will be processed only when payment is made in full.

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