Who is DolcevitaFurniture.com?

Dolcevita is an e-commerce website of L Collection LLC.

We have more than 26 years of expertise in the hospitality and furniture industries. We advise our clients (Commercial: architects, designers, hotel groups, independent hoteliers,

serviced apartments, colleges, cruise liners, etc. and Residential) on how to maximize their spaces with outstanding quality furniture.

We provide our clients with the following services:

  • Assessing our clients’ businesses: Specifications, Quality, Service level, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Profitability, Return On Investments, etc.
  • Sourcing all types of products or services on behalf of our clients (furniture, equipment, materials, uniforms, stationery, etc.)
  • Manufacturing: assist in fabrication of samples (furniture, uniforms, etc.), packaging
  • Logistics: Shipping, storage, deliveries

This is why we have decided to offer the expertise of L Collection LLC to all our clients through www.DolcevitaFurniture.com.

Whether you are a residential or business client, you can benefit from our experience and expertise to purchase quality commercial furniture for your settings where you require space saving and effortless equipment.

With Dolcevita, in order to maximize your space, you will find an impressive selection of Murphy beds (wall beds), Sleepers (sofabeds), Recliners, Adjustable tables and beds, beds for children, sofas, etc.

You can customize all this furniture with an impressive variety of fabrics traditionally used for your trade, design the feet in metal or wood, and add personalization using printing material which respects the environment!

How can I contact you?

You have 3 options to contact us:

By phone:        +1 617 393 1623

By e-mail:        info@DolcevitaFurniture.com

By mail:           L COLLECTION LLC, DBA Dolcevita Furniture, 3 Maplewood Street, Watertown, MA 02472

What type of furniture do you offer?

At Dolcevita, we have hand-picked outstanding pieces of commercial grade furniture suitable for small or large places specifically for you. You can maximize and improve your space with more comfortable furniture to suit your current life style, such as:

  • Murphy beds/Wall beds
  • Sleepers/Sofabeds
  • Recliners
  • Adjustable beds
  • Adjustable tables
  • Comfortable custom designed beds
  • Custom designed storage
  • Impressive choice of fabrics, artificial or full grain Italian leather (more than 3000!)

How can I see the products?

You are welcome to visit us on www.DolcevitaFurniture.com and view our virtual showroom online.

Where can I purchase your products?

You can purchase your customized space-saving and effortless furniture on www.DolcevitaFurniture.com, www.wayfair.com, www.amazon.com, or with selected furniture retailers.

Who are your manufacturers and what are the Other Services?

Dolcevita carefully selects our manufacturers and other services from a third party vendor.

  • All our manufacturers are Italian family manufacturers, renowned and respected. They are all passionate about quality and design, and respectful of the manufacturing process: they do not employ child labor, and use the best materials made in Italy!
  • We also have selected other third party suppliers who will provide you outstanding services in various fields such as Architects, Designers, Photographers, Web Designers, and IT Consultants.

What unit of measurements do you use?
To accommodate you, we use both imperial and metric unit systems.
I forgot my username/password!
By clicking on the log in, you confirm that you would like us to send your username/password, safely saved. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. At the log in you can also reset the username/password.

How can I get a good deal?

If you are registered on our client list or one of our social media lists, you will receive our best deals via e-mail or texts weekly.

What currency can I pay with?

You can pay your order at Dolcevita in US Dollars (US $) or in Euros (€).

Do you have any products in stock?

All our collections are carefully handcrafted and prepared to your liking. In general, we do not keep a product in stock, with the exception of some available online either on www.DolcevitaFurniture.com or with one of our resellers (Wayfair, Amazon, etc.)

What are your quality procedures?

All Dolcevita furniture is carefully selected from our manufacturers. Each item has a product specification form, (PSF), which guarantees the genuine and unique characteristics of the product that you chose.

  • Each of our manufacturers has a quality control procedure, which is also followed by the Dolcevita team. Our manufacturers take a photo of your individual item before and after packing, and when it is loaded into the container or truck.
  • The Dolcevita team will also control the merchandise when we receive the items in the USA at the opening of the containers, at storage in our warehouse, and when we load it in the inland delivery carrier.
  • The inland delivery carrier will also control and take photos of the delivered item.
  • All these control checks guarantee you the quality, seriousness, and professionalism of Dolcevita and our manufacturers and contractors.

We take the quality control of our furniture seriously and we are proud to provide only our best products to you.

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