Luca,Corradoe Giulio DE MANGO,il Papà,owners of BODEMA

DOLCEVITA FURNITURE are extremely proud to introduce you to the De Mango Family! You will enjoy the work and passion of these extraordinary talented artisans for sofas, sofabeds and armchairs. Their design and skills are above the level of typical Italian furniture manufacturers. You will be embraced by the diversity, shapes, functionality and the top choice of materials they offer to their clients. DOLCEVITA FURNITURE bring you the quintessence of the Italian furniture savoirXfaire!


Since more than 40 years BODEMA is a family business company, "small" for attitude and choice. Its philosophy has always been the culture of "doing" that finds its origins from imagining and creating each piece as if it were the unique one.Sofas,armchairs and convertibles stand out as signs of live authentically. Forms of "character", which in each space take the place of a personal tale, thanks to their particular design features, to the color nuance or to the special finishing. Because Design mostly means furniture and objects that vibrate in the daily life of those who live there.Ideas that work and get excited, now and ever.


Signs and thoughts of people who are steadily searching for something original, day after day, and always made in Italy 100%.People who share the link with a territory where furniture is a part of its own culture. Everything always manufactured with passion for the beauty of the materials and design,perfect in the finishing;special care to reliability, ergonomics and comfort.Quality, primarily, following every single step of the manufacturing for all the production,to propose solutions that combine strength and style.


Making Design by BODEMA means creating a suit modeling it around the individual desires, completely apart from the standard patterns. Sometimes changes are difficult to be seen, but they make a keen difference making you really seat at home. A new combination of colors and materials,particularly precious.An unusual coloring that matches the colors of the environment; richer upholstery or designed ad hoc for an even more comfortable seat.That is important to meet every personal expectation, and that can be done by an industrial identity with a craft soul which perfectly mix the series production with an accurate manual manufacturing.



    A complete collection of convertible sofas that combines contemporary design and comfort.Shapes, details and materials make sure ergonomics and comfort in both configurations, sofa and bed, adapting themselves perfectly to the needs of our body.


    Effortless sofabeds(manually or electric depending on the model)

    All the mechanisms, strictly "100% Made in Italy",use the most innovative materials and devices.Designed ad hoc, requiring always just a few simple motions to transform them from sofa to bed and vice versa.

  • Mattresses:

    All BODEMA' sofabeds are able to ensure a sleeping comfort similar to a high performance bed, over the time. The mattresses are in fact designed and made to ensure the maximum comfort, night after night.

  • Sofas

    BODEMA’s lifestyle is like a sophistication and welcoming world.The beautiful seats, lines and comfort enhance the feeling of wellness in your home. Natural materials, gently at touch and pleasing at sight.

  • Armchairs
  • Beds

    Soft rugs for sensual pleasure of walking barefoot on it. A soft and refined dimension. A living space in accordance to everyone own rhythm and life style.


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